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Is It Time for a Smile Makeover?

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Are you constantly aware of your teeth and worried about how they impact your appearance? So many people live with teeth that cause them embarrassment when they could have a beautiful smile. If you press your lips together when you smile or keep quiet in social situations to avoid showing your teeth, it is time… Continue reading

The Best Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

young woman with toothache

Did you know the reason that most teeth are lost is due to gum disease? Infection of the gums is extremely common among adults and it is the leading cause of tooth loss. Periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, results in deterioration of the gum tissue and bone surrounding teeth roots. The good news… Continue reading

How to Recover After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many adults will at some point need to have wisdom teeth removed for optimal oral health. This preventive procedure can protect your oral health from serious health complications in the future. Full recovery can take weeks, but you may resume normal activities within a couple days. There are a few things you can do to… Continue reading

Benefits of CEREC Primescan for Permanent Dental Restoration

Cerec Primemill

Do you need crowns or veneers? With traditional methods, the process can take multiple visits and an uncomfortable recovery. The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) Primescan system delivers advanced dental technology to speed the process with exceptional results within one day. Here are three benefits individuals can receive with CEREC Primescan for permanent… Continue reading

3 Reasons You Want a Dentist That Uses the CEREC Primemill

Cerec Primemill

ConfiDENT’s milling equipment, the CEREC® Primemill, has elevated chairside dental restorations to a new level. Its cutting-edge technology allows for the rapid production of repairs made from a wide variety of materials with high precision and minimal effort. This piece of CEREC technology is the most advanced system of its kind, delivering unparalleled quality, aesthetics… Continue reading

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