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Dental Implant Success Begins with BLAST

A happy mature woman in a dental office looking at her perfect teeth in a mirror.

For years, missing teeth were replaced with dentures or fixed bridges. Today, the gold standard of tooth replacement is the dental implant. Beautiful smiles and self-confidence are restored with the security, functionality and natural looking appeal of dental implants. With proper maintenance, your dental implants can last decades. BLAST Laser Dental Implant Maintenance helps ensure… Continue reading

What Is LAPIP Laser Dental Implant Restoration?

Jouful middle-aged man with a perfect smile sitting in a dental chair after treatment.

Dental implants are the most advanced options in restorative dentistry, with extremely high success rates. However, there is always a risk that an implant can have complications and may need repairs or restoration. One possible complication is peri-implantitis, which is an infection around the implant. When this occurs, the most advanced and least invasive option… Continue reading

Be Informed About Risks of Dental Surgery

dental appointment

The term dental surgery covers a broad range of dental procedures. Any operation that is performed on the teeth, gums, jaw or surrounding oral and facial structures can be considered dental surgery. Oral surgery includes procedures such as tooth extractions, bone grafts, placement of dental implants, periodontal surgery and more. As with any type of… Continue reading

Sinus Lift Surgery

Dentist examining woman's gums and teeth using an intraoral camera.

Dental implants are fast becoming the gold standard for restoring missing teeth. Individuals needing extra bone support for receiving a dental implant in the upper arch may be recommended for sinus lift surgery. This procedure involves moving the sinus membrane upward or lifting it so bone can be added to the space between the molars… Continue reading

LANAP Laser Gum Therapy Treatment

Smiling, middle age man looking ahead.

Many adults over 30 years old struggle with periodontal disease on a daily basis. This gum disease can be caused by poor oral hygiene, genetics, chronic illness, smoking and certain medications. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to serious health complications. A dental procedure called LANAP laser gum therapy treatment can improve your oral… Continue reading

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