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Michael Lovette

Best office ever! The staff is super friendly and event though I’ve only been here 3 times it feels like everyone here knows me personally. Lol weird I know right? But that’s just excellent service. Won’t go any where else but here for my dental care!

Naomi Gutm

The office staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. George Dinulescu explained the process from cleanings, to root canals, to braces very clearly. Appointment's are set up very easily. This has been the best dental experience I have ever had. Prices are also very reasonable.

Ramia Ajyb

Dr. Cesar and his staff are the best! Every time I go there I feel I’m in good hands and I don’t have to worry about anything. I did a lot of work on my teeth with them and i have more to do and definitely it’s the place to go. Thank you!

Raquel Ibarra

Best dental office ever! My experience was absolutely amazing. Dr. Cesar's team made me feel really comfortable during my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Cesar!

Nikolay Stoyanov

This office is like family! Dr. George took care of me on an emergency notice. I take my family to see him and his lovely assistants!! Service is always friendly and getting appointment very easy!!

Jesse Kunimoto

Dr. Cesar is the Absolute Best!! First let me say it had been a long time since I had been to the dentist, I have always been a little afraid. So needless to say when I finally worked up the courage to go I was glad I found Dr. Cesar. I visited other dentist as well who wanted to preform many unnecessary procedures. Dr. Cesar is honest kind and will work with you to help you. I had to have a couple of root canals and there was no pain at all, even when injecting the Novocain. After he finished and put a crown on the tooth it looked incredible!! You can not tell the difference between the teeth he is truly amazing!! I would not trust anyone else.

Alma Saric

I had a great experience in the office full of friendly staff! Dr. Cesar explained everything and my treatment was a breeze!! This office is so kind to me and my husband with payments and easing our worries from crowns to cleanings to braces! They do it all!!

Felipe Lopez

Cesar is great! Installed a crown which felt great a day or two after and haven't had any issues with since. Also cleaned my teeth and they look great. I forget the name of the manager (sits upfront) but she's wonderful too. The whole staff seem to be very nice and work well together.

Jonathan Nicoara

Dr.George Dinulescu was amazing in one visit I got a full mouth scan and he did 2 root canals all in one visit. This was my most painless dental procedure ive ever had. He does a great job of making sure the whole process is as pain free as possible.

holt martin

Had an incredible time at the dentist office today with Dr. Cesar and his awesome team. It was so much fun I cannot wait to go back again!!!!

Selina Awtrey

I was in a bad accident and lost 3 of my front teeth. Dr. Cesar and his team did an amazing job with my root canals and making my fake teeth look better than my teeth did before the accident! Highly recommend!!


Dr Cesar is AMAZING. The office staff and receptionist were SO nice... you could tell they genuinely cared. My boyfriend broke his tooth at 4 pm on Friday the doctor came in from HOME to accommodate us. Every dentist closes early on Friday and told me NO, even our own. Their prices were awesome and we couldn't be happier. Our whole family will now be patients and I will definitely recommend them! 5 stars!!!

Iulia Oprean

Best dentist I ever had. Dr George Dinulescu is great .Everyone in the office is nice and professional. I highly recommend Dr. George .

dora dora

Another superb job done by Dr. Cesar at ConfiDenT Dental. A+ service by him and his Staff. Very satisfied!

Gonzalo Pena

Hi All, I just went for a follow up visit with Dr. Tapia, and the care that I received was excellent... I had two fillings done and now I feel very good. Once again I will recomend Confident and Dr. Tapia´s care to anyone. Renee Peña

Scarlett Salvatierra

friendly staff. Dr.Cesar was very friendly and explained all concerns, I left without questions, would definitely recommend this dentistry. Dr.Cesar is a great doctor for my fillings and my clear braces!

ღ Dayriner

I have found the dentist I will see for a long time. Ive always been scare of dentist until today. Dr. Cesar removed one of my wisdom teeth in less than a minute. I didn't feel a thing, not even when he put the anesthesia. He has very gentle hands and he is very kind and explains absolutely everything to you in a manner that you will understand. I highly recommend this place to everyone. Adults, teenagers, and kids. The staff is so professional and friendly. The waiting room is very nice, free water bottles and a television. Everything is detail clean and well organized. I cannot stress enough how grateful and thankful I am to have find such an amazing and profesional dentist. I also want to thank his beautiful assistant Jennel Charlery she was so sweet and so informative. If you have ever had a bad dental experience in the past, no worries. Dr Cesar will restore your faith in dentists. And he speaks English and Spanish. Again, Thank you for everything!!!

edson mideiros

Great service , I had an implant done by Doctor Cesar, He made the whole proccess very smooth and easy. Moreover, he took time to explain step by step the details of the procedure, very glad with the results and very economic, therefore; I would definetely recommend Confident and Doctor Cesar, thanks a lot!

Emina Fatic

Best dental office ever!Dr.George Dinulescu is best dentist I ever had. Very professional service!

Derrick Miranda

Had a great experience. Im not a big fan of going to the dentist. Dr. Ceaser made it a quick, easy, and painless visit. Had a root canal, 2 crowns, and 3 fillings. Didn't feel a thing. I definitely recommend going to Dr. Ceaser for any of your dental needs.

Nandrean Carmen

We just had the best experiance at ConfiDenT with Dr. George Dinulescu. Bad luck happened, my dad's denture broke while he was visiting from a difrent country. Dr. Dinulescu got us in immediately. I can highly recommend this office with his very friendly staff.

Zaidh Cuellar

Love coming into Dr. Cesar great team and fantastic dentist i recommend it 1000% fair prices and absolutely lovely service

Jessica Rape

First, I want to say I’ve been scared away for a long time by dentist in the past. I am so glad I gave it another try and found Confident, but most importantly Dr. Cesar Tapia. Today was my second time in and I am really excited about the game plan to move forward. #roadtobracesat30 Dr. Tapia and his assistant Sandy were amazing. Very clear in their communication and made sure I knew what all my options were. A beautiful smile has always seeemed out of reach for me.. Thanks to Dr. Tapia that’s no longer so far fetch. Comfortable waiting area, clean facility, amazing staff, and most importantly you’ll walk out one step closer to a beautiful smile. Thank you to the staff for making this gals dream start to become a reality and not make it feel so scary.

Keylin Isaula

Hello, I feel very comfortable with the service of Doctor Carlos & the assistant Sandy I like your kindness thanks for your very kind attention !!!

Woodrow Mann

Hey guys this dentist office is the best dentist office in Alpharetta for any of you who are looking for a family environment this is the office for you I met Dr. Cesar a couple months ago and I’ve had a great experience they treat you like family and the prices are reasonable, my smile is awesome and the staff is great at other dentist office my implant and bridge would have cost me $30,000 but here I pay way less for better quality I love these guys

Melina Escobar

Very happy with the results of my treatment!!! ♥️ The place is very recomemdable. My doctor is Cesar Tapia and his assistant

Amariei Iustin

Great service...I higly recommend ConfiDent

Carmen Popovitch

Very professional, friendly, Dr. Dinulescu is a very good doctor always concerned about the health of his patients and trying to help in any possible way

Georgetta Olteanu

I have chosen the right dentist for me and my family. Dr. Dinulescu and his staff (Lia is phenomenal) make me feel at home every time I come in for a visit. The doctor listens to all my questions, does a fantastic job answering and is very patient. Everyone is very nice and professional. I was a bit nervous about getting an implant but all that went away upon meeting Dr. Dinulescu and his stuff. They really did a great job with me.

Marikit Ligaya

I am very pleased with the services Dr Cesar and all the staff have done for me, . I finally found a Dentist who is very caring, professional, and communicates well. Will probably go back if I need another treatment, and will definitely recommend to my family and friends. --- Maria C

Vrajna Patel

It was an amazing experience. I liked there service. Dr ceaser is a really awesome doctor to contact for any dental appointment.

Carla Darce

I tried Confident this past December. I had been looking for a dental office to get my last cleaning of the year. Dr. Tapia was very kind to get me an appointment at the last minute. The staff is friendly, the place clean and Dr. Tapia very professional and knowledgeable. Great service, recommended!

Adriana Dumitru

If you need a dentist, Dr Dinulescu is the one for you! Very experienced, knowledgeable, and he will definitely exceed your expectations! I am beyond pleased with the service he provided! I recommend him with 1000% confidence. Thank you.

C Mawikere-Donald

For years, I have been waiting for this time.. the time that I'd brave myself (and financially ready) to go back to a dentist and to fix my front top teeth. Finally, I did it. I had the gum procedure + got new crowns for my front top teeth at this place. I was very nervous to go through with the appointment, but everything just went so smooth- from the front office, easy appointment/financial strategy with the friendliest office Manager Lea, great consultation up until the day of my procedure. Here's the thing... I had not so good experience years ago with a dentist so for long time, I've been ignoring the fact that my front teeth needed to be fixed bad. Yes, sometime my bad teeth would make me loose my confident when I talked to people. But, I was scared to go back to any dentist (plus to think on how hurt it could be, because my teeth AND gum needed some work done). Until one day, I had to take my kids for their dentist appt and met with Dr. Cesar who have so much passion on what he does. Never once I felt like he pressured me that I "should" do this or that for my kids' teeth, but he suggested some thing and helped us planning it out. He was very friendly, gentle and patience with my kids especially with my autistic son Colin. He did not want to stay in the chair, but somehow Dr. Cesar and his team helped to calm him down and stayed there. I just knew that I wanted him to be our family's dentist, and to look over my teeth. :) Well, I'm glad he did! After my procedure, I feel more confident when I talk to people and can't stop smiling big now. Big thanks to Dr. Cesar and his awesome team!! I'd recommend you all to come here for any dental procedures. The staffs here don't just treat you like a "business" transaction, trust me! They are very friendly, helpful and patience. ConfiDent is a great addition to our community.

Victor Dorobantu

Great service and friendly staff. Dr George Dinulescu took care of all my issues with great professionalism . So impressed with everything. Thank you I will be back !

Anisoara Frangopol

Great finding. i recommend this people if you are in need for a dentist. I had 4 little cavities on the front tooth. I was also concerned about how my front teeth are going to look if I repair them. Well, not only that my concern is gone now, I cannot see were the difference is. the transparency is the same. I'm so happy.

David Flores

Dr. Cesar is by far the best dentist that I have ever been to. He was friendly and attentive when my dental emergency arose. I would recommend him to anyone anytime! Thank you again Dr. Cesar!

Andrea Somodean

So, I needed dental work at the worst possible time, between Christmas and New Years, having a really bad tooth pain! Dr George Dinulescu managed to get me in, and thanks to him we were able to follow through with our travel plans. The entire staff was very courteous and efficient, and the waiting time short. Dr Dinulescu immediately identified the problem, a cavity that only showed on the x-ray, and also correctly surmised that there probably was another mirror one in the adjacent tooth. He was right, of course, and he took care of both of them with professionalism and impeccable manners, saving me from a dreaded root canal! It was by far the best dentist experience I've had, and I really really don't like going to the dentist:) I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Dr George Dinulescu and Confident for all your dental needs, you will be in the best of hands!

Dean DeMerritt

These guys and gals are the most friendly and professional people i've ever met and I tend to go to the dentist A LOT ( I love my teeth ) .. I can't recommend them enough!

Delia Sandor

If you are afraid of going to the dentist, I totally understand you. I used to be like that until I met Dr. George Dinulescu. I am so glad that he is back in Georgia. I was afraid to go see another dentist while he was away. He makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed that you'll forget you're in that scary dentist chair. His work habits and professionalism are beyond my expectations. During any procedure, he constantly makes sure that you are doing ok. Not only he is an amazing dentist, Dr. Dinulescu is also extremely kind and friendly, and I can say the same about the entire staff at ConfiDenT. If you need any type of dental work, from a simple cleaning to a more complicated implant (my case), do not hesitate to go see Dr. Dinulescu. I highly recommend him and you will be amazed with the results! P.S: Dr. Dinulescu is also very kid friendly. My children were shocked when he told them that he was done with the procedure and they did not feel anything. They now have a new favorite dentist! He is so gentle with both kids and adults. Dr. Dinulescu, thank you for keeping our teeth healthy and clean. You are the best!

Miguel Ortiz

OMG! What an awesome experience! Very friendly service, fast and professional. Dr. Tapia displayed all his expertise during my first visit, building trust and creating the necessary bond for future visits.

rodica bondar

I have been a long time patient of George Marius Dinulescu, DDS and recommend him wholeheartedly. He is a truly gifted healthcare proffesional and caring person. Everytime I go feel very safe and comfortable. I specifically appreciate his honnest advice, good quality work and overall customer service in addressing my dental needs and answering my many questions after procedures.

Daniela Gabor

A friend of mine recommended Dr. George Dinulescu to me as a second opinion on my periodontal disease I’ve been fighting for over ten years. The office I was going to for years, recommended five tooth extractions and then implants as a solution for my losing bone teeth. Dr.Dinulescu after a careful and complete consultation,recommended Laser assisted periodontal treatment. As result of that, not only that I got to keep my teeth, but my gums look healthier than ever. Thank you Dr. Dinulescu for giving my smile back!:)

Vivien Makhoul

Long story short: 10/10 would recommend!!!!! I had resorption in one of my teeth and multiple specialists told me I had no hope for my tooth and that I would need to pull it out. This devastated me. Dr. Tapia did not settle for that and actually saved my tooth.. I have absolutely NO pain when I chew on the left side of my mouth now, something I have avoided doing for over a year. The people in this office have no idea, but they truly changed my life. OH and their lovely dental assistant is very tentative and always makes sure you can spit!!!

Mitzi Freidus

I never knew my smile could look so AMAZING. Dr. Cesar totally worked his magic and the staff is very personable. I definitely recommend ConfiDenT.

Lena King

Best dental experience ever! I always have almost unbearable pain when my teeth are worked on but at ConfiDenT my experience was pain free. The employees were very informative and made sure i was as comfortable as possible at all times.

Dorel Z

I was in pain when I had to see a dentist. this place has what it take. The pain is gone, the tooth has the same color as the other ones, the doctor (Dr. George Dinulescu) is flexible, he also has a financing option for you. I have decided to do another tooth that it was long waiting o be fixed. After the cleaning I have whiter teeth, impressive. I recommend this business to others.

Peter-k. Marianek

Friendliest staff from the front office manager, Mrs. Lea King to assistant Mrs. Sandy, with knowledge to match, by Dr. George Dinulescu and his partner, Dr. Cesar Tapia. They provide everything, from cleaning to implants, and All in between. Just found my new Dental care!♥️ Thank You All at ConfiDenT! Blessings....

Andrea Amez

The staff was super friendly and welcoming. Dr. Tapia did a great job listening to what I wanted, giving me great recommendations, and was very meticulous with his work! I was veey happy with the results. Highly recommended.

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Michael Lovette

Best office ever! The staff is super friendly and event though I’ve only been here 3 times it feels like everyone here knows me personally. Lol weird I know right? But that’s just excellent service. Won’t go any where else but here for my dental care!

Naomi Gutm

The office staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. George Dinulescu explained the process from cleanings, to root canals, to braces very clearly. Appointment's are set up very easily. This has been the best dental experience I have ever had. Prices are also very reasonable.

Ramia Ajyb

Dr. Cesar and his staff are the best! Every time I go there I feel I’m in good hands and I don’t have to worry about anything. I did a lot of work on my teeth with them and i have more to do and definitely it’s the place to go. Thank you!

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