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Dental Aligners

Your smile is like your superpower. It has the ability to brighten a room, attract new people, and lift someone’s day. Are you confident enough to unleash your
superpower and flash someone a smile? If you’re not, are you hiding it due to misaligned teeth? An aligned smile can not only give you the confidence you need to
smile, but it can also give you other, very unexpected benefits.

Your Aligned Smile Benefits

  • Your aligned smile will help increase your oral health. Aligned teeth contribute to healthy gums and teeth. The straighter your teeth, the easier they are to clean, brush, and floss. These oral habits are vital to preventing cavities and periodontal disease.
  • Your aligned smile will help aid you in the digestion of healthy and essential foods. Misaligned teeth can cause difficulty in chewing, which will result in slower and less efficient digestion of food.
  • Your aligned smile can help prevent jaw erosion. When your teeth are misaligned, it can result in jawbone erosion or bone loss. This erosion
    happens when bacteria start eating away at your bones.
  • Your aligned smile can help improve your speech. Misaligned teeth can create problems with speech and pronunciation.

SureSmile– Offering You A ConfiDENT And Brilliant Smile

As part of our dental services at ConfiDent, we are proud to be qualified providers of SureSmile clear aligner therapy to correct misaligned teeth. SureSmile
orthodontic treatment offers our patients with significant advantages toward your comfort, health, self-esteem, and lifestyle. Call our office today to start experiencing the multiple benefits of a brilliantly aligned smile.

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